Monday, January 19, 2009

Volunteering on Martin Luther King Day

Ok, so I chose to spend my day off not volunteering. Well, except for my normal volunteer work, which is stuff like running OYFP with Krystle and writing blog entries.

However, many OYFP executive board members (the givers that they are) have chosen to volunteer this weekend. John R is engaging in a little construction work at the Margaret Fuller House, Evan is participating in one of a mulitude of activities around Boston, and still others are spending time with kids. I suppose I'm doing my own part, what with my OYFP work and the pile of stuff from my "winter cleaning" that I'm setting aside to donate to a local group.

If you do have to work today or are intimidated by the snow, you can still give back without moving your little finger. You will have to move your index finger, however, to text "SHARE" to 20222 on your mobile device to donate $5. AT&T will match all text donations up to $100,000. Help meet this challenge grant! also wants people to organize food drives in their community to help those who are going hungry right now. They're trying to end hunger --- especially hungry and malnourished kids --- and need your help. Find out more on the "End Hunger" Strength website.

You too can help! Really!

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Shane said...

There’s a study actually shows that volunteer work improves one’ health and well being. This can improve one’s health because volunteering has strong social support and thus can lower heart disease, health risk and health risk. volunteer abroad can lower health risks this is because it has enhances the psychologically aspect as what to healthy people have and this also strengthens interpersonal relationship and the sense of identity.

John R said...

Right on Shane.

Also, Casey - Adrienne was there! Working hard.

Casey said...

Nice! I totally forgot about this. Did you get any photos? Can I interview you post-event?