Tuesday, May 13, 2008

How You Can Help - with a mullet?

Sometimes, the world's needs seem overwhelming.

There are so many starving people, sick people, abused people, lost kids, and hurt animals, that it is easier just to block it out. Our mind is occupied enough with the basics - go to work, pay bills, buy food, talk with friends, hang out with family, etc.

But we shouldn't forget. We shouldn't block it out. OYFP tries to give you easy ways to donate time and/or money, but we can't help everyone. Or come up with some of the awesome ideas you all do.

One of my co-workers, Fred, who was profiled on this blog for his volunteer work, decided he wanted to raise money for the Lupus Foundation of New England. As he told us, Lupus is a chronic autoimmune disease that causes the immune system to attack normal tissue, resulting in inflammation in various parts of the body - particularly the skin, joints, blood system and kidneys.

Fred went further than walking 20 miles, running 5 miles, or getting some beer and a bar donated for an evening event. He sent an email around to our company pledging to cut his hair into a certifiable mullet if he raised $500+ for the Lupus Foundation of New England by Friday. He was willing to put his personal fashion reputation on the line for a cause.

Well, Fred did more than raise $500. Our co-workers chipped in a total of $750, and got the pleasure of seeing him wear a fine mullet (and matching fung chu 'stache) for a few days (see below for photographic evidence).

Fred believed in an organization. He came up with a creative way to get people to pledge money. He followed through. We got to laugh at/with Fred's nice 'do, and feel happy that some of our beer money went to research to end a painful disease. We were all winners.

The point is this: You too can help those less fortunate, whether it's cutting your hair into a mohawk, attending an OYFP fundraiser, or cheering on MSPCA Walk for Animal participants, you can contribute to those less fortunate. It's not hard. It might even be fun. Like a mullet, say. :-)

Fred with the bowl used to determine his bang length. 100% professional.

The final result: A real mullet.

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hannah said...

aw, that's awesome!! i totally missed this entry, somehow.

my mom is actually diagnosed with lupus as is a really close girlfriend. it can be a frightening disease, and i am really happy to see that more and more people are becoming aware of this monster.

fred, the mullet is hot. bring that sexy back~