Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Helping a little old lady

A few weeks ago, I wrote about the quilt my cousin Liz was making for her friend's grandmother who lost everything in the recent Midwestern tornadoes. This quilt is notable for a few reasons:

1. Liz made the quilt for someone she never met - someone who was going through some very hard times.
2. She did not charge any money for the quilt.
3. Liz petitioned her friends and family for help with the project, asking them to make some squares. This, in my mind, makes the quilt even more special. The squares were made all over the country - in Massachusetts, Virginia, Colorado, Oregon, Wisconsin, and more.

All of us participated in Liz's project because she asked. Sometimes, asking is all it takes in order to get some help. However, many of us don't hear the requests for help - perhaps we're not listening, or perhaps no one is asking us.

Don't wait for someone to ask for your help. Step up to the plate - make a quilt, cut your hair into a mullet, run a race, donate a few bucks, or eat some pizza on July 16.
See what beautiful things we can all accomplish together?

Liz sitting on her hard work. I'm sure Adam's grandmother is going to love this!

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Kristen said...

looks beautiful :)

Casey said...

Agreed. We're lucky enough to have a quilting relative who gave us gorgeous works of art for our beds, but not everyone is... which is why Liz stepped in!

Anonymous said...

As one of the contributors, it was fun to participate. The woman's loss reminded me the most important things in life aren't things. Although I'm sure this "thing" will mean something to her because of what went into it.