Sunday, June 15, 2008

A Gift to Remember

Years ago my grandmother gave me a rather odd birthday present. Instead of opening a big box and getting a new shirt or even better, money, I got handed a large envelope. Inside was a picture of a water buffalo and several other pages filled with pictures and long descriptions.

Just imagine what was going through my mind.

She explained that she had donated money in my name toward the purchase of a water buffalo for a family far away that needed it badly. I smiled of course, and said thank you, but I had no idea how great that present really was.

Today, I am thankful for that gift. There have been many times that I do not really know what to get someone for their birthday, and the present most likely ends up unused and a waste of money. This was one of the best uses of money I could have asked for. Of course, it can be hard to resist buying someone a new sweater or that DVD that they wanted, but in the long run, this type of present means the most.

My suggestion to you now, is to search around. Look for charities and non-profits which conveniently offer this type of service online, and take advantage of it! My grandmother donated money through an organization called the Heifer Project, and I am sure that there are many other organizations which offer this very same opportunity to make such a big difference.

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Casey @ OYFP said...

Interesting post, Danielle. I know that Oxfam ran a similar campaign this past holiday season. You could buy someone a sheep as a gift! Liz also wrote a blog post about what she termed Concious Gifting.

John R said...

This is great. Your grandma was cool. I never got anything like this. I got things like Reebok Pumps instead. Plus, those pumps didn't help me dunk!

Anyways, I wonder how much a buffalo costs!? Question: If I buy 25 buffalo and move over there do they automatically crown me king or something? I’d do that. Seriously, maybe.

Danielle Hodgkins said...

Thanks guys! My grandma is pretty darn cool. John, I think that we can work it out so that you can be king. But, I think you'll have to buy 26 buffalo. I'll see what I can do!