Friday, March 28, 2008

Spring Cleaning, part deux

I just looked at the weather forcast for this weekend and signs point to staying inside burrowing under a blanket and catching up on my Netflix Que. Wait I did that the last couple of weekends. Maybe it's about time I do some spring cleaning around the apartment?

But what should I do with all the stuff I am not using and is just currently taking up space in my apartment. I don't want it to end up in a landfill and I believe all of it can be donated. With a little research, turns out I was right, check out my checklist of what I can donate.

  • Pile of VHS tapes that I no longer watch because I have the same movies in DVD- donate them to accepts more than just VHS Tapes they accept, books, and LP records. They will even come to my home and pick up books and VHS tapes I wish to donate!

  • Yards of Fabric leftover from Halloween Costumes- donate to Extras for Creative Learning. Their mission is to help enhance children's creativity with the use and play of reusable, recycled, and surplus material.

  • My car that is sitting on the side of the road and is only used for groceries and trips to the gym -donate to Habitat for Humanity. Not only will this help the environment but it would be put to good use to help build homes for those that need affordable shelter. Okay so I am not willing to part with my car just yet, but if you are I would definitely suggest to donate it to Habitat for Humanity.

I think that should give me the minimalist look I have always wished for. If you have something that you think is donatable and aren't sure where to go for it. Go to, which provides a search engine on where to recycle or reuse anything you have lying around the house. You might find it surprising how much you can donate and how close it is to your home.

Photo courtesy of Yes, I will be wearing the same outfit when I clean.

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