Tuesday, January 20, 2009

How do you feel?

Regardless of your political views, the US Inauguration Day represents change. George has collected all his family's belongings and written his note to Barack, Dick Cheney has moved some of his stuff (before throwing his back out), and staffers and saying their final goodbyes. It's out with the old, in with the new.

It's an empowering, hopeful feeling to start over, or at least start fresh. And the pomp and circumstance that go along with it help reinforce the notion that this change is significant, though the details ar

e getting a little tedious ("The Metro is full at 5:30 AM. Now it is fuller"). While you're waiting for the ceremonies to begin, you can play with this online Obamicon to make your own political art/statement. However, don't try to text or call someone on site at the inaugeration - cell phone companies aren't sure their networks will hold up under the strain!

How do you feel today? What do you hope will happen over the next four years?

UPDATE: Full text of Barack Obama's Inaugural speech is available on NYtimes.com. And, take a look at Vanity Fair's collage of past presidential portraits.

UPDATE 2: Find a Boston inaugural party at ThePhoenix.com.

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WildWomenDon'tGetTheBlues said...

It was cool to sit in someone's living room yesterday and clap and cheer and be part of something historic.
For Obama- be careful what you wish for! He inherited quite a mess.

Casey said...

It's true - there are such high expectations for him! He's done a good job so far trying to temper those expectations... but I think he probably has a lot of hope himself. I can hardly wait to see what happens, myself.