Sunday, January 25, 2009

oh hay now!

So, still walking to work and still noticing some strange paraphernalia as I peruse the streets of Boston. Over the past few weeks I've noticed some hay bales behind a couple of the benches in Boston Common. I would hope other people notice the strange things I do, as they aren't really hidden, but some people are on a mission on their way to work.

Anyway, I'm not really sure why the hay bales are there or who might be using them. I would assume an animal over a person, right? I know that I've seen some horses trotting around but since I only walk through in the morning and later in the afternoon/evening I might not see the horses who might be eating this hay. I never see any hoof prints though and if the hay is there for horses, they might not appreciate the snow capped bales.

I don't know. It confuses me. It's been there for awhile and we haven't really had any large happenings since First Night and the hay was placed there afterwards, I think, so the only other possibility is that it's keeping the ground warm. Or, according to Wikipedia, hay can also be fed to guinea pigs and rabbits. Maybe people bring their pets to the Common to be fed? Hey, times are tough...Pigs can also be fed hay, but they don't digest it very efficiently and I don't think we have many pigs in Metro Boston.

Oh, and the TV at the end of my street is finally gone.

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Photo courtesy of Christina K. herself.


K S said...

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Krystle said...

I work righ near the Common and to have never noticed them. Then again, I haven't walked through the Common in a couple of months due to the weather.

I do see police officers on horses around Downtown Crossing but I can't imagine the hay would be for them.

Nice Post!

Casey said...

Hmm... well town commons were created originally as "common" grazing ground for people's animals. Maybe the hay is a throwback to those times!!

John R said...

Wind shear.

Berkley said...

are they at the bottom of a hill? if yes then they are there to keep people from running into the benches while sledding and seriously hurting themselves.

John R said...

Berkley ftw!!!!

Casey said...

What does "ftw" stand for, John?

John R said...

For the win!

"Originated from the game show Hollywood Squares where the result of the player's response is expected to win the game."

Berkley said...

sweet. I win because there is a hill in my hometown affectionately called 'Suicide Hill' because it is a VERY steep hill with a rusty old chain link fence at the bottom. Every winter the town would line the fence with hay bails to protect those of us dumb enough to sled there.