Sunday, January 11, 2009

Talking Trash

It's truly an adventure walking to work every morning. I leave my apartment in the North End and walk through Government Center, across Boston Common and finally up Boylston to the Pru. Usually by this point sweating profusely (because Dylan Dryer is sometimes a little off) or trying to get the feeling back in my numbed face, fingers and toes. The walk usually takes about 35-38 minutes which leaves plenty of room for me to peruse the sidewalks for unusual sightings and people while rocking out to my ipod. Most people think I'm keeping to myself, but really I'm looking for my next opportunity to exploit whatever might strike me as obnoxious, funny, or simply out of the ordinary.

Last week, and really since I first moved to the North End over a year ago, I thought about how many random, stray objects I've walked past on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday trash days. I came across this television which has been keeping this tree company for about a week now. I'm not sure what guidelines the garbage men follow but I guess this guy didn't make the cut. I've seen things like bed frames, cat scratching posts, fish tanks and more so was surprised to see this pretty average looking tv abandoned for so long.

I wonder what will happen to it...maybe someone will pick it up and see if it works, maybe someone will use it as decor in a shop or restaurant, maybe the garbage men will feel bad it has been sitting there for so long and just take it, or maybe I'll still be walking by it in the spring.

Hope it survives another night in the cold.


Casey said...

I often times find items by the curb that I take home! Ok, by 'often', I mean 'once' I took home a wood chair and repainted it, and I love it. It's the ultimate way to recycle. :-)

I think for electronics you have to get a $ sticker of some sort.

Christina said...

that's awesome! i love making treasure out of someone's trash! and yes, the sticker makes sense...the tv was recently picked up...and i'm happy for that.