Friday, January 9, 2009

Guide Horse?

Traditionally when you think of "service animals" you think of dogs. That's not a suprise really, dogs are loyal, loveable and easy to train. Dogs can easily be trained to suit the needs of the disabled or elderly person who requires help for everyday life.

Just when you got used to the idea of seeing dogs in restaurants, here comes around an article that presents the idea of service horses. According to the article, horses are just as loyal, and trainable as dogs. Another plus is horses live longer, 25-35 years where as the average dog is 10-15 years. Apparently these horses are very small and are about the size of golden retriever. These mini horses are even better for disabled adults who have allergies and can't not have a service dog because of their allergies.

Seems reasonable, but I don't know what I would do if I saw a guide horse walking down the street. Would it even be allowed in a restaurant? I believe legally it should be, but would you want to sit next to a minature horse at a restaurant? I don't know, it certain would provide interesting conversation if I did see one.

What are your thoughts?

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Casey said...

The title of this post caught my eye in my Google Reader this morning - Guide Horse?? What the heck??? But it does kind of make sense. Horses are probably more physically stable than some dogs.

My only question - can horses be house trained??

Krystle said...

According to horses are easily trainable.