Thursday, December 20, 2007

Please shovel your sidewalks

So being that I work for a non-profit, I can not afford the luxury of parking my car in downtown Boston. So I rely on public transportation and good, old-fashioned walking. Normally I love walking around Boston, it is a very walkable city. But let's face it in the winter, it can be quite treacherous walking around in Boston.

That's when I read this story I couldn't be more appalled that a city councilor chose not to shovel his sidewalk in his neighborhood because, "The reality is the cultural practice is not to use the sidewalks even when the snow isn't there". Clearly this councilor has never tried to navigate by foot around Boston. Granted many of the businesses in the Boston area do a good job of shoveling the snow to make it easier for potential clients to come in. However, when walking around various residential neighborhoods, you will slip every which way until at last you fall.

I know I am not the only one in this situation, every winter I see people forced to walk on the street with the cars because it is to dangerous for them to walk on the slippery sidewalks. I even noticed that a little girl had to walk in the street with her mommy, because she was falling all over the place. We all have seen someone fall as the result of a poorly shoveled sidewalk.

I rent and I know it is not my responsibility for our sidewalk to be clear, but I take turns, just like my neighbors to insure that are sidewalk is clear for anyone to walk through. So please on behalf of all the pedestrians in Boston who are trying to walk home, please shovel your sidewalk. Consider it a way to give back to all your neighbors and help out the community around you.

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