Friday, July 25, 2008

All were Uncorked! last night...

It’s hard to believe people could say no to a ticket advertising wine, food, music, and art for a measly $20. It’s a steal! But when you add torrential downpour, an event planner begins to worry that people may decide lounging on their couch sounds more appealing then fighting a battle against the weather—you just can’t outsmart good ol’ mother nature.

Nevertheless, I felt relief as courageous souls came up the ramp of Gallery XIV, umbrella in hand, cold and wet, yet surprisingly eager to participate in On Your Feet Project's 2nd Annual wine-tasting event, Uncorked!

Erin O’Shea rocked the wine tasting. I mean, it’s hard not to be loved when you are offering samples of beautiful Italian wines, but Erin added so much flavor to the already delicious wines we were tasting. She was a treat, and entertained us all with her wit and charm--not to mention the wine she endlessly poured for us.

William Kerr, the director of Gallery XIV, must be thanked. The exhibit on display at his gallery, “a politic,” created an ideal setting for the event, with pieces like “Abraham Obama”—a fusion of the portrait of Abraham Lincoln and Barack Obama—raising eyebrows and making it easy to start conversations with strangers …always a plus!

Nicole Zuraitis’s soothing, flavorful jazz set the tone for evening, creating a wonderful atmosphere to drink, eat, and mingle. Her recently released CD, Spread the Word, was on sale for the event—a beautiful compilation of her jazz vocalist pieces.

But most importantly, must I say it, was the food--the glue that holds people together—and makes them feel like they have something to do when they feel nervous and don’t know a soul to talk to! Brie, grapes, and other assorted cheeses and crackers proved to be a hit. Sponsors like Johnnie's Market and Japonais Bakery and Cafe in Brookline contributed food for the evening. Also of note were the fabulous Italian Cookies baked by Katelyn Nadeau's mother. They were had by all, and in vast quantities. Patrons left full and satisfied.

With all of the great art, food, music and wine, Uncorked! was simply divine. We were able to raise approximately $1300 for the Italian Home for Children, and bring people together for a memorable evening. I'm looking forward to next year's wine tasting event—hopefully the weather will be more forgiving.

If you missed the event, check out the Uncorked! photos and stay tuned for an archived version of the gallery's live video feed from the evening. You never know who you'll catch doing what on there...

Myself (Lauren Head) and Krystle Petrie enjoying ourselves

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Casey said...

I, for one, had a TON of fun. I especially enjoyed talked to Lee, who is Nicole's boyfriend's dad. He knows a lot about food production, which as everyone on this blog knows is one of my passions.

Is it lunch time yet?

Krystle said...

I had so much fun as well. Some of the art was really moving and really great to see!