Monday, June 30, 2008

Wine in Boston - It's all about the sports..?

Sometime towards the end of college as I helped grade Neuroscience exams, I became a fan of cheap Pinot Grigio. You might even say Pinot Grigio was my "gateway wine." Though I'm far from an formal connoisseur now, I certainly enjoy me a glass of wine on the weekends or during receptions at the numerous weddings I'll be attending this summer.

I'm always on the lookout for a new wine to try, and there's certainly no shortage of gimmicks. The latest one, however, will please both your palette and your heart.

You may have seen the wines with famous sports figures on them at your local packie (for our non-New England readers, that's New Englandish for a beer/wine/alcohol purveyor). These wines are more than just distilled spirits, however. A dollar or so of every purchase of the sports-themed wines goes to a charity of the affiliated celebrity.

So. Next time you're not sure what to take to the host of a party, consider one of these charity wines. You'll please sports fans, bleeding hearts, and wine enthusiasts... doing a little good whilst enjoying a fine beverage. And, stay tuned for OYFP's wine tasting on July 24!

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