Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Wine: Cheap can taste better?

OYFP frequently hosts wine tasting events. In fact, we have one planned for the springtime, which is yet one more thing to look forward to about the end of winter.

In preparation for more wine and guarding your wallet after exuberant holiday spending, you may want to consider this new research from the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena. The work shows that the level of enjoyment people derive from a sample of wine is higher when they believe the wine that they are tasting is more expensive. The key word being "believe," since the researchers arbitrarily gave each wine sample a price.

I pulled a "pour a decent box wine in a decanter" trick at a recent party, and people seemed to enjoy it just fine, not knowing it was from the oft stereotyped (but more environmentally friendly) box wine industry.

The lesson here? Cheap wine can taste just as good as expensive wine, just as long as you don't know it's cheap. Buy a few bottles of varying prices at the package store, scrape off their price tags (or their labels), mix them up, and open at random to enjoy! Don't let the price change your mind.

Anyone have some cheap wine recommendations aside from the "two buck chuck" from Trader Joe's?


John Ryan said...

I like Woodbridge Merlot, a bottle will run you about 8 bucks. Not bad.

Casey said...

Niiice. I look for the "DOCG" label on all bottles from Europe. Denominacion Origanizada Califada Guarantidada... ok so that's not what it stands for really, but basically it means that the wine has passed a certain quality metric as assessed by that region's wine board. You can get really quality, cheap wines this way!

Rosemary said...

Dog Tail Vineyards have some very easy to drink, great tasting wines that usually will run you about $8 to $12 a bottle. They are probably best for people who are trying to get familiar with wine since they tend not to be very dry.

Casey said...

Thanks, Rosemary! I'll check them out.