Thursday, May 22, 2008

Myanmar, Burma, and Celebrities

There's a lot of controversy around celebrities and their pet causes. Some people think celebrities (and the media who covers them) should leave political and social commentary out of the spotlight. Others think celebrities should be doing more to promote their charities of choice.

I happen to be in that first camp - if celebrities are taking the time to think outside of themselves and their hairstyles and what kind of sunglasses they should be seen wearing, and they can get the gossip rags to cover more than their hairstyles, sunglasses, and rehab stints, more power to 'em.

The recent natural disasters have wrought havoc on the developing nations of China and Myanmar (also known as Burma). Hopefully the sun-kissed celebs will start rallying behind fundraising causes for both disasters. Even though Myanmar has been less "accepting" of donations (and press, whose coverage often inspires more donations), the situation there is quite grave on both the disaster front and the human rights front.

Luckily for us, though, prior to this disaster, our friends in tinsel town were already promoting awareness about Myanmar's human rights issues. Various celebrities have helped create videos as part of the Burma: It Can't Wait campaign, which is trying to raise 1 million voices in support of Burma in the month of May.

Some videos are funny (heyyyyy Sarah Silverman and Will Ferrell), others are more serious, like the one below by Ellen Page. Stars of all stripes and sorts from Sylvester Stallone to Jennifer Aniston are taking the time and using their stardom to raise awareness of important issues. And no matter your personal opinion on the matter of Burmese human rights, I think you should give the celebs kudos for standing up for something.

What do you stand for?

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