Friday, April 11, 2008


Did you have fun last night? Man, oh, Man I rocked on my feet all night long! My feet are still telling my they should be snuggled under the covers instead of at work.

In case you were superman and busy saving the world, I'll give a recap of why I ordered a Grande Soy Chai from Starbucks this morning after our first annual benefit concert at Church last night:

The first act, Glenn Michael took the stage with such passion and vigor which made it fun to watch him dance with his guitar. I have to admit this is the first time I have seen an acoustic live music act which included, a guitar, trumpet and drums. Very unique and superb, if I say so myself. If you liked what you heard go to his website and order his second full-length CD entitled Reflections. His first album is also available on ITUNES.

Ryan and the boys from the Powers That Be followed with a performance that can only be described as moving. I saw many a bodies in the crowd bopping to their beats and Ryan's killer guitar riffs. The Powers That Be also has an EP release available on ITUNES. Where one reviewer says, "This is one of the best debut cd's they have ever heard". Needless to say I needed some aqua after all the cheering.

The final act, The Slap Happies came on and I was jamming to Michael Jackson, Harvey Danger and No Doubt covers. I wasn't the only ones getting my boogie on, I saw many in the crowd break out in spontaneous dances. The Slap Happies are super supportive of OYFP and getting involved in the local community, which is great to see.

We even raffled off an autographed Youkilis baseball, and a dinner for two at California Pizza Kitchen. On behalf of OYFP I would like to thank Church, the bands, Christopher's Haven (for donating the ball), and everyone who attended last night.

I would also like to mention another opportunity to do good for the community, for one of our partners, The Italian Home for Children (IHC). IHC is holding a fundraiser in Newton Town Hall to help clean up the city. Additionally, for every volunteer IHC brings in, Starbucks will donate $10.00 per hour to the IHC. So you will be raising money AND helping the environment. Double Karma points if you ask me.

Photos from the event will be posted shortly in the OYFP Flickr account.

Casey, Dan (from Christopher's Haven), Krystle, and Julianne rock out by sitting down.


Casey said...

I have some photos to upload. I had a blast, and would like to send a shout out to all my iP peeps who represented last night - Rocio, Dan, Elizabeth, and Lauren. You guys don't just talk the talk, you walk the walk!

Dang i'm full of cliches today. I blame it on lack of sleep due to all the rocking last night.

Liz said...

I had a great time last night and a hard time waking up this AM >_< Thanks again to everyone who was awesome and came out to support us!