Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Rock On Your Feet with OYFP

Rock On Your Feet with us this Thursday, April 10 at the Church Nightclub!

No, not the kind of rocking this guy on the left is doing (that's called "rocking on your butt").

We want you to rock on your FEET. You know, get up and dance! Shake it a little! At the very least, nod your head back and forth.

After all, it's for a good cause - us! Normally we raise funds for our non-profit partners, but this time the On Your Feet Project is raising funds so it can raise more funds in the future for our partners.

Sooo... if you come to the concert and pay your $15, you're indirectly helping kids with cancer, kids with behavioral and emotional issues, and kids who need mentoring. Wow, kids need a lot.

If you're still not sold, come for the rad music. (Yes, I just said rad.) The concert features the following artists:
And if you're STILL not sold, you might want to keep in mind recent studies that have shown music's ability to lower blood pressure (which can also reduce the risk of stroke and other health problems over time), boost immunity, ease muscle tension, and more (from About.com).

Pretty much you have no excuse not to be at Church this Thursday, April 10 for the Rock On Your Feet charity concert. Doors open at 8 PM, Glenn Michael takes the state at 9 PM.

Rock on, dudes and dudettes. Rock on.

The Details
Tickets: Rock On Your Feet Tix are available online or at the door. Just $15, and you could win a signed Red Sox baseball.
Locale: Church is at 69 Kilmarnock St. in Boston, MA
Getting There: It's all about public transit. Get off at the Green Line's Kenmore stop and walk a few blocks, or map out your own route via the MBTA's website.

Rocking photo is courtesy of http://calder.med.miami.edu.
The other photos are courtesy of ourselves. OYFPers took them.

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Casey said...

I'll be the emcee - and I'm kind of scared. Is that ok to say? :-P