Monday, March 31, 2008

Rock On Your Feet. Boston Charity Benefit Concert.

For more than five years, Glenn Michael has served as the charismatic front man for the Los Angeles based rock band Deepdown. After countless performances on the Sunset Strip and across the Southwest, Glenn Michael is branching off on his own. Glenn Michael is now acoustic, melodic, soulful and completely inspired. He sings from his heart which he proudly wears on his sleeve and he makes memorable music. He's powerful, he's polished and he tells it like it is.

On Thursday, April 10th, at 9pm Glenn Michael will be performing at
Church nightclub for OYFP's First Annual Charity Concert: Rock On Your Feet. In addition to Glenn Michael, other performers include The Powers That Be, and The Slap Happies.

John R.: "Thank you Glenn for donating your time and talents to
OYFP and our non-profit partners. Have you ever played a charity event before?"

Glenn M.: “Hi John! I am honored to perform at this event. In L.A., I played a show to benefit the homeless, and recently here in Boston, I did a fundraiser concert to benefit First Church Somerville - which is a fine non-conservative church that does a lot of good for the community.”

John R.: "Well, we’re really glad you’re on board. So, can you tell me a little more about your music?"

Glenn M.: “Well, I'm a singer/songwriter. I like to keep my music diverse and not be cornered into one kind of sound. Sometimes it's mellow and peaceful, and at other times it's very intense and wailing. I suppose it's a little more edgy than a lot of today's singer/songwriters.”

John R.: "Nice, what do you think of the Boston music scene?"

Glenn M.: “Since moving here from L.A., it's a breath of fresh air honestly. L.A. used to be a good place for musicians, but it's so saturated these days. I'm glad I relocated to Boston. The fact that being a dedicated musician in any city is very taxing at times, I like Boston, and feel there is a lot of little nooks around here to plant my musical seeds and watch them grow. I've gotten a very warm reception so far, and am blessed to be in such a thriving scene with a lot of local talent.”

John R.: "What artists or bands would you say have influenced you over the years?"

Glenn M.: “My influences are vast. Anything that moves me emotionally, or inspires me in one way or another. I'm a big fan of
Bright Eyes, KT Tunstall, Sun Kil Moon, Richard Ashcroft, Sigur Ros, Radiohead, Janes Addiction, Ray LaMontagne, PJ Harvey, Bloc Party, Fionn Regan. I like folk music. I like rock music. I like alternative music, whatever that means? I live my life as an artist. Everything I experience is influential, in some way or any another.”

John R.: “What's on tap for Glenn Michael? Any upcoming tours in the near future?”

Glenn M.: “I've been doing a lot of performances all over New England to support my new CD, and that will continue. My Spring/Summer 08' tour schedule right now is pretty thriving. I'll be doing some touring until the fall, at which time I'll be going back in the studio to start recording my 3rd CD. In this business, you've got to have stamina to survive. I'm prepared for the battle.”

John R.: “Ha! Thanks man. I’m looking forward to the show.”

Glenn Michael is currently living in Boston, MA and just released his 2nd full-length CD entitled Reflections. His debut CD entitled Heart On My Sleeve is currently for sale on ITUNES.

Come see Glenn Michael and the other bands Thursday, April 10th, at 9pm at
Church nightclub for OYFP's First Annual Charity Concert: Rock On Your Feet. Tickets are $15 and can be purchased online, 100% of proceeds go to non-profit charities in our community.

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