Friday, April 4, 2008

Powers That Be

Like to listen to great music? Like to support the community around you? Want to do both at the same time? This Thursday, April 10, 2008 at 9pm OYFP is putting on our first annual benefit concert to help support us and the work we do for our partners.

We have whet your appetite with getting to know one of the performers, Glenn Michael, but it's time to learn more exactly who are the Powers That Be. To accomplish this I turned on my investigative reporter and had a chat with Ryan Jeffrey who is their Lead Guitarist.

Krystle: "Where did the name, the Powers That Be come from?"

Ryan: "We wanted something that said, "Hey, we're new, but you've already heard of us." A name that people already used in their every day vernacular that we could add just another meaning to. That the term is generally associated with authority is just a pleasant side-effect, though not all together inappropriate".

Krystle: "Well spoken, I'll even give you a point for using vernacular in a sentence. So, how would you describe your music"?

Ryan: "Fresh rock music with intent lyrics and a soulful, bluesy disposition."

Krystle: "I see that you guys got to play at Avalon, that's a big accomplishment in the Boston music scene. How was that"?

Ryan: "Just unbelievable. To hang out in that green room upstairs was so surreal. The people that have chilled there and the artists that have preformed on that stage... it was amazing to be a part of that. Especially after standing on the other side for so long. It's a shame that it's been closed down, but we're very thankful for being given the opportunity to play there".

Krystle: "Since you have been on the other side of the stage, who would you say are some of your musical influences are"?

Ryan: "Well, we all come from a slightly different musical background, but I would say the unifying factor is our love for getting deep in the pocket with some soul or blues. Artists like Bill Withers or Hendrix or Stevie Ray Vaughan all really helped to shape our music. I think what makes us a bit different from our predecessors is that we refuse to follow any formulas when it comes to lyrics. We spend just as much, if not more, time crafting the words that are mixing with the melodies and we take pride in being a band that doesn't just throw them out there as an afterthought".

Krystle: "That was definitely the vibe I got when I listened to Keep your cool from your website. So, when you guys aren't Rocking On Your Feet, we could find you ____"?
Ryan: "Playing around Boston and working hard to be the best band you haven't heard of yet".

Krystle: "Lastly on your Myspace page there is an adorable dog, whose dog is it"?

Ryan: "He's our mascot. Who he is and where he came from is not something I'm really at liberty to discuss".

Krystle: "That's a great mascot to have and of course we respect his right for privacy. Thanks Ryan for taking time out to answer my questions and supporting local charities like us in Boston"

Want to here more from the Powers That Be, Glenn Michael and The Slap Happies, then come on down and Rock On Your Feet!

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