Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Volunteer Fair at the Prudential this Thursday

Maybe you read our blog when it was part of BostonNOW.

Perhaps you've seen our events listed on

Or it's entirely possible that you have no idea who we are and just stumbled across this page via the wonders of the world wide intraweb.

We are the On Your Feet Project, and tomorrow we'll be at the Boston Prudential Center's annual Volunteer Fair. The event takes place Thursday, April 17 from 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM in the Huntington Arcade (which is basically a large hallway in the Pru Mall).

Stop by our table to introduce yourself. Look at some photos. Pick up a snazzy brochure. This is your chance to learn more about our mission to promote volunteerism among young adults aged 18 to 34, and determine if you would like to volunteer with us (or one of our non-profit partners). We're currently looking for volunteers to help organize events, expand our marketing efforts, and obtain sponsorships. We're a fun bunch - you'll like us and you'll be helping "save the children."

Of course, you'll also have the pleasure of meeting some of the outstanding individuals behind this blog *cough, cough*.

Email us at boston at oyfp dot org with any questions, and have a great day.

Hannah and John attempt to explain OYFP's complicated service model.
I think she just wants some candy.

Photos courtesy of moi! They're from last year's Volunteer Fair.


hannah said...

ew, i *know* you did not put that nasty picture of my face on this blog. that goes against what we're trying to do, which is get people there!!

Krystle said...

You're famous Hannah!

Casey said...

Hannah you look LOVELY. The photo up there only violates your personal philosophy, which is "no photos of hannah on the interweb"!


The people want to know who this mysteriously sassy and colorful font-loving chica looks like...