Tuesday, April 15, 2008

BostonNOW is no more

Welcome, BostonNOW readers!

Though BostonNOW is closing its doors, the Volunteer Boston Blog has a happy home here at Blogspot (and has been here for a few months, really).

We were saddened to see BostonNOW closing - we thought it was on the forefront of newspaper innovation. Clearly the old model of "we do all the research, we form the opinions, we give you the news" wasn't working. BostonNOW was out to change it all by drawing on its readers as contributors, counting on them to bring us all the news. It was a collaboration, and one that we enjoyed being a part of.

So. Goodbye, BostonNOW. Perhaps some other newspaper will sense an opportunity, and not be weighed down by its Icelandic currency.

We'll be seeing you around, and when you're back in one form or another, we'll be here waiting. And blogging. And promoting non-profits. And volunteerism. You know, doing our thing. Until then, all you BostonNOW readers can get your fix (at least part of it) here with us.

Bye-bye, BostonNOW!

Photo courtesy of Chris_Catford.

1 comment:

Casey said...

There was an interesting article called
Collapse of Big Media
on the Online Spin blog that predicts the opposite of what happened to BostonNOW. Collapse of big media, yes. Collapse of niche, interactive papers? No. I think Iceland made a mistake.