Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Adventures in Recruiting

When Bostonians feel the urge to get involved with their community, they often try and find an organization to get involved with. Our name appears in their search and they see all the wonderful things that OYFP does for Boston and they ask, how can I help out?

Casey and I meet with all the interested applicants to explain to them what we do and what kind of help we are looking for. I met with one interested applicant, yesterday after work at Starbucks, or so I thought.

I get off the train at Davis and walk over to the Starbucks and try to open the door. It is locked. The person who is waiting in the entrance tells me that it is closed for training. There is no note on the door, and it is pouring rain outside. Thanks, Starbucks. Instead of a cozy cup of coffee in a snuggly chair, I'm waiting in the little entrance with this random person, hoping that that the interested OYFP applicant will arrive soon.

Other people come and the other person waiting in the entrance and I tell them all that Starbucks is closed. Most people can't believe it, a few join us because like me, they said the were going to meet somebody here.

We all start talking about why we were there: waiting to exchange tickets through Craigslist, interviewing students for Alumni board, students meeting study partners, and of course moi. I actually was able to promote OYFP to a couple of them while waiting for my unknown individual to come, so Starbucks helps out OYFP again!

I was able to meet with the interested applicant and she is going to be at our next meeting helping us to do more good work for the community around us. If you yourself are interested in joining OYFP, contact either or Casey at

I will even meet you at Starbucks again, though this time I'll call ahead to make sure it's open. :)

Photo courtesy of dyadyavasya.

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Casey said...

I will NOT meet people at Starbucks. :-P Maybe a bar...

Ok, realistically I accept caffeine or alcohol, it just depends on what time of day it is.