Tuesday, February 26, 2008

BostonNOW: OYFP famous yet again

OYFP is making its rounds in Boston. Ok, well, we're starting to make our rounds. An excerpt from our "Dancing the Day Away" blog entry was featured on page two of today's issue of BostonNOW.

It feels good to be published. This is our third time around, and certainly our best placement. Unfortunately it seems they like our entries about attending funny Boston area events and/or economics more than they like OYFP events... at least thus far.

Don't they know that we're young (well, young-ish... all under 30... is that young?), fun, and ethical?

Who wouldn't want to cover a learn-how-to-Salsa event? Or a Valentine-making-with-kids event? Or, say, a concert for charity or a Guitar Hero competition, both of which are upcoming events...?

We'll see about you, BostonNOW.... we'll just see. I don't think you can resist OYFP for long...

1 comment:

Susan said...

You're getting publicity in the media- celebrate that. ANY KIND of publicity about ANY event generates positive energy and attention to OYFeet. Keep feeding the machine! Call the editor and thank them for the story, and suggest some others, like the ones you mentioned above. ESPECIALLY in August and around holidays -- the news pipeline is DEAD and journalists are STARVING for story ideas.