Sunday, February 24, 2008

Dancing the Day Away

It was time to bring a little spontaneous joy to the Boston area yet again. Similar to the pantless subway ride, this event was supposed to confuse, amaze, and delight passerbys... assuming, of course, that they hadn't seen any of the event's press coverage.

Enter ~200 participants, a previously downloaded MP3 with instructions, some fancy shades, and a very public location. It was the Silent Dance Experiment, and we were ready to rock and roll. We danced alone. We posed. We danced in circles. We squat like The Thinker. We danced the conga. I was so busy following the instructions coming in through my headphones that I had little time to see what effect our actions were having on passerbys.

When it came time to "swing your partner round and round," I looked up and saw Erica, OYFP's Guru of Graphic Design! Apparently I'm not the only member of OYFP who likes to make people laugh through mass action. :-)

We laughed, onlookers laughed (I think? I know I would have laughed if I saw us), generally it was a feel good situation. I only hope that OYFP's next event will be as joyful as this one was. Did you act joyfully this weekend?

Until next time, my fellow dancers... until next time. In the mean time, check out more photos of the event at the Facebook event page or on Flickr.

We end the day by forming several mass conga lines! Who's the wacky dude on the right with the blue hat?
I'm in the back, in the blue coat, white pompom hat, and sunglasses.
Photo courtesy of Alicia Karas.

photo of dancers swinging round and round courtesy of Marlena Flannery.

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