Thursday, February 14, 2008

Salsa: One step at a time

I'll be honest. Salsa's not really my deal. Yes, I "salsa-ed" during my semesters abroad in Spain and Nicaragua, but I never really got it. Mostly it seemed like short Spanish speaking men were just expertly twirling me around the room while I just tripped over my feet, tried to shake my booty (per hannah's instructions), and sweat a lot.

Last night at OYFP's Bring the Latin Heat Salsa event (photos on Flickr), instructors from SalsaBoston broke it down for me. The basics. From scratch. "One, two, three --- five, six, seven.." was my mantra for the evening. I started to feel like I was getting it - I could follow the beat, I was spinning in time. I was even helping my boyfriend with his steps.

It's often tempting to just jump into a new activity. "Lessons? Who needs them?" While there's something to be said for faking it 'til you make it, sometimes it's more effective to admit you don't know something and let someone else show you the way. You may look silly and awkward and sweaty at the beginning, but by the end, no one will notice that sweat dripping down - they'll just see your rhythm and sweet moves.

However, as soon as the lesson ended and the "free dance" began, I was lost. This time. For now. 'Cause I have the building blocks - the foundation - to become a dancing queen. Or at least halfway competent. I hope.

**Updated: Photos of this adventure are now on Flickr! Be sure to watch us on TV on Fernandito's show on BNN on Friday night... we definitely look silly, but we're having fun.

PS. Many thanks to our sponsors, Social Boston Sports and SalsaBoston. They helped us raise $$$ for Christopher's Haven... and I think they had some fun too.

My zesty colors (pink, green, and gray) make up for my lack of zesty skills


hannah said...

sounds like everyone had a fun time! and i can't wait to see it on tv! but if i miss the show, when and where can i see pictures from the event?

and dude, oyfp knows how party~
i'm stayin' on the lookout for the next event!

Casey said...

Alex has photos... which I'm sure he'll post as soon as possible. All OYFP-ers were dancing, with the exception of John!

John R said...

come on now, you KNOW i've got sweet moves.

Krystle said...

I like how they split into groups of intermediate & beginner. It could accomodate everyone.

Casey said...

John - you have moves, perhaps.. Sweet moves? I have yet to see them.

John R said...

i liked the chicken & something else spring rolls. mm-mm good.

hannah said...

john doesn't dance. he just stands around and looks pretty.

Casey said...

Well, he IS good at that.