Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The little orange ball and purpose

Besides running OYFP with our executive board and working full time at a marketing agency, I spend a lot of time chasing after a little orange ball. That darn little thing is always getting away from me, or coming at me when I'm not expecting it, but once in a great while I get in the right place at the right time and make the right move with my stick... now that's satisfaction, not to mention a great workout.

The little orange ball and I meet on the floor hockey rink at least once a week. I wasn't really into sports in high school (aside from a few years on the cross country ski team), but when the opportunity came to join a team free through work, I joined, not knowing I would enjoy it so much.

Aside from the teamwork and competition aspect, I think what I really enjoy is the sense of purpose. Sure, the purpose is a little silly (orange balls aren't that important in the grand scheme of things), but it's a purpose nonetheless. When I look back at all the activities I've enjoyed, from my job to my hobbies, the activities I enjoy the most are those where my actions are directly related to a purpose and a corresponding visible result. Very simple: I lift stick back, bring stick forward, pass to teammate, score goal, yeah!

Perhaps that explains why I can't get myself to go to the gym - running in place just isn't connected closely enough to an actual result to get me to see a purpose and result. Yes, in my brain I know that going to the gym is good for my body, mind, and soul... but the gains are so incremental and difficult to see and far removed from the action that I haven't yet figured out how to get myself to the gym.

The benefit of working with OYFP is that there is a purpose, and one that I can see every time we meet, respond to an email, or post on this blog. I suppose I've been working with OYFP for so long that I have a clear picture of the impact of all the work... and that translates to a clear understanding of purpose.
If only I can figure out a way to involve the little orange ball with OYFP, my life would be that more more efficient.

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Your mom said...

GREAT photo. Did you take it?
Love how you tied in purpose with the little orange ball.
That's what I love about sports- your purpose can become as little as the little orange ball.
We all need a break from serious purposes.