Thursday, February 28, 2008

United Under A Common Cause

On Tuesday, February 26th both state and federal political figures joined many local business leaders to discuss the national problem of homelessness. Shelter hosted an educational event, 'The Plan to End Homelessness in Massachusetts' at the Le Meridian Hotel in Cambridge.

The event included a discussion about the recommendations made by the Massachusetts Legislative Commission to End Homelessness. Notable speakers, members of this commission and attendees included: Lieutenant Governor Tim Murray, State Representative Byron Rushing, Senator Edward M. Augustus, Jr., former Speaker of the United States House of Representatives & former Lieutenant Governor Thomas P. O'Neill III, and the Executive Director of the United States Interagency Council on Homelessness Phil Mangano.

Massachusetts Legislative Commission to End Homelessness recommended: “a broad based housing plan that recognizes service needs to end homelessness in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The recommendations include a five year budget proposal and will guide the Executive, Administrative and Legislative branches in their effort to implement a housing and support services strategy.”

The main consensus among these leaders is that collaboration is necessary to end the national problem of chronic homelessness. No one state or federal agency, no one level of government and no one sector of the community can reach the goal of ending homelessness alone.

To learn more or inquire how you might help in this effort to give help and hope to homeless children, families, and individuals throughout Greater Boston please contact the
Department of Housing and Community Development.


mamaonthego said...

this is my photo and isn't credited. nor did you ask permission to post it.

Casey said...

The photo was removed - our apologies. Typically we do credit and link to the owners of the photos we use.