Friday, February 29, 2008

10,000 Reasons to Buy...

i'm sure many of you have heard about, passed by or even shopped in a store called ten thousand villages. if you've never heard of this store, listen up 'cause you're in for a treat.

ten thousand villages is a company whose inception was inspired by mahatma gandhi's following quote: “…India is not to be found in its few cities but in the 700,000 villages…we have hardly ever paused to inquire if these folks get sufficient to eat and clothe themselves with.”

the company extrapolated from those words their guiding principle: "each village in the world represents a unique, distinctive people…offering extraordinary products born of their rich cultures and traditions."

as one of the largest fair trade organizations in north america, this company brings in the work of artisans from over 30 countries in asia, africa, latin america and the middle east to the US. they maintain long, nurturing relationships with these individuals and offer them not only a means to live but also dignity.

ten thousand villages stores has partnered with the national coalition against domestic violence, and during the month of march, they are celebrating international women's day by hosting community shopping benefits for local domestic violence prevention agencies and shelters near the 80+ store locations throughout the country. during these events, ten thousand villages will donate a percentage of purchases to the local agency to help provide needed services, all in a concerted effort to build a global community of empowered women.

there are over 160 ten thousand villages stores across the counry, and there are three stores in massachusetts. i know budgets are tight, and pennies are being pinched, but they have items in a wide price range, so maybe you'll scrounge under those couch cushions and come up with a few dollars to impact the village in which you live. (but if you still don't think you can spare even just a few dollars, let me be the blunt woman i am and tell ya: we *are* the richest amongst all the villages.)

besides, we all deserve to live with a little dignity wherever we are, no? (although sometimes oyfp members push it a side for a little while - for a stinkin' good reason, of course!) ;)

Everyone needs a little handmade Peruvian wool vicuna love in their lives.
Yes, vicuna. They're related to alpacas and llamas.


Casey said...

I wonder where Massachusetts stores are donating the money in March, and what percentage of the profits they are donating.

Krystle said...

I've been to that store before and I have gotten some really neat gifts for friends in there!

hannah said...

we'll have to find out! i'm heading out to the central square location tomorrow, so i'll be sure to ask!