Thursday, January 31, 2008

An Economic Recovery Plan, in a cup.

Starbucks Corp., the world's largest chain of coffee shops has recently unveiled its economic recovery plan, further highlighting the compete inadequacy of our current leadership.

Acknowledging the fact that the Bush administration can’t independently handle the fiscal woes of our staggering economy, Starbucks throws its hat, or cup, into the ring. They hope that by offering the $1 Short Coffee they will help jump start the country's economic recovery. Those close to executive management said: “we would like to emphasize that our loyal customers can still enjoy grossly overpaying for our products if they choose."

I’m looking forward to the $1 coffee. And, as a side note, Starbucks has been great to
OYFP! They’ve donated their great coffee and baked goods to a few of our past events.


Casey said...

Is this a joke? I don't get it!!!

PS. I love Starbucks, it's worth ethe $3 since I don't have my own espresso machine (hint hint, boyfriend... my birthday is coming up...)

hannah said...

casey, it's true! but technically, starbucks is trying out this $1 short cup of coffee only in seattle. if you ask for it here, however, starbucks will honor your request because the siren is cool like that (that's the "mermaid" on the cup).

Krystle said...

I don't mind grossly overpaying for my chai latte. I have yet to find one comparable in taste.

John R said...

I’d bet that the $1 promo will go national. That mermaid sits funny

Casey said...

Next year, I'm going to be a mermaid for halloween. Not the Starbucks mermaid, or Arial. Just a regular lovely mermaid.