Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Calling All Sewers, Knitters, & Fabric Lovers

I have an addiction. The type you read about. It's bad, real bad.

I just can't say no to fabric.

All you sewers, quilters, or knitters out there understand. I know you understand, because I read about your addictions on all my craft and sewing blogs.

I have two rubbermaid containers full of fabric. And then some more on top of it. And on top of that. With my boyfriend moving into my small apartment, I can't keep it all. What's a girl to do with all the fabric?

My solution? Donating to Iraqi Bundles of Love. A soldier in Iraq is soliciting fabric and sewing supply donations to give out to women's sewing collaboratives. It all started when he looked at all the items soldiers returning home were leaving behind... and grew from there.

It's simple to participate: Buy a flat rate box from the Post Office for $11.95. Follow his directions on the blog to make a bundle (small or large) filled with whatever sewing/knitting supplies you would like. Contact him for his APO address. Mail for the same price it would cost to send a package to NYC.

And wallah! You've helped women in Iraq make a living, cleaned out some of your fabric stash, and made room for your boyfriend to move in (ok maybe that last one is just me).

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Photo courtesy of my stash. But I actually made something out of this fabric - a skirt!


Krystle said...

I have a bunch of old fabric I need to donate as well! Great idea Casey!

IBOL Guy said...

You'll just have to tell people to give you fabric as the housewarming gift. I am totally sure he'll understand. Right?