Monday, June 8, 2009

Cocktails 101

Does this scene sound familiar with you?

You are heading out after work with a few friends to a new bar you haven't been to before. The waiter hands you a list of the drinks offered at this bar and you haven't heard of any of them previously. Your friends look at the menu and know exactly what they are going to get in seconds. You, on the other hand don't know what drink you prefer as you look through the short novel of all the drinks they can create for you. You don't want to be lame and ask the waiter/bartender what exactly is in each of the drinks, but you aren't sure which ones you will like. The waiter comes back and takes everyone's orders, and when it comes to you, you try the first one on the list. Several minutes pass, and the waiter comes back with all of your drinks. You take a sip of your drink, and you don't like it, you try your friends drink and love it. If only you knew what drinks were what.

If that scene sounds familiar have we got an event for you! Cocktails 101, where you can learn from the Boston Shaker how to make a Martinez, French 75 among others. Enjoy Cocktail Samples and amazing appetizers from Mantra while your at it!

PLUS ALL PROCEEDS will go to the West End House which offers life-shaping opportunities to more than 1,000 youth representing 40 countries. Learning and doing something good for you community, all in one!


Where: Mantra, 52 Temple Street
When: June 18th, 6-9pm
Benefitting: West End House
Cost: $20 in advance, $25 at the door

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