Thursday, March 5, 2009

Spirit of Service is Hiding Something

OK, so your time has freed up a bit because things are slow at work and your getting a little nervous that your job might not be there tomorrow.

Experts say the leading cause of depression and anxiety during this recession is lack of meaning. People who's schedules were jam packed now have free time and are contemplating (while procrastinating and worrying) how they should spend it. We have an answer that is both meaningful and productive...

Volunteer, serve on boards, network, make friends, get off the couch, go out for a drink after work, try a new restaurant.... you see where I'm going with this.

Come tonight to Spirit of Service from 6-9pm at M.J. O'Connor's by the Park Plaza Hotel.

Mingle with others like yourself looking to volunteer, eat, drink, and visit the tables of over 30 nonprofit organizations. Stop in or stay the whole 3 hours; bring your resume or leave it at home; wear your dancing shoes, a suit, your workout clothes --- just come!

All of the organization you see in the picture above (along with some others that will be floating around) will have volunteering opportunities in the Boston area. Some will also be looking for people to serve on their board. I'm sure at least one of these organizations will inspire you.


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Krystle said...

If you want to volunteer or get more involved here's your chance.

John R said...

nice post. see you there!