Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Globe Santa - Struggling like many of us

'Tis the season to give to others, though I'm sure many of us are cutting back. I know I've made many gifts for family this year, and my friends and I aren't exchanging gifts. However, imagine for a moment that you're a mom with four kids whose husband has abandoned them, whose mother has just died, and who herself has just been laid off.

What do you do then? I mean, really? What would you do? This mom went without heat and hot water for six months until she qualified for state aid this winter, but now the boiler's broken. And it's Christmas time - a holiday that transcends religion, becoming a cultural tradition here in the USA. I'm sure all this mother wants to do is make her kids smile on Christmas morning, especially those young enough to still believe in Santa Claus.

Food or clothing? Heat or happiness? Choices a mom shouldn't have to make.

This is just one of the stories Globe Santa received this year in its pile of requests for aid. In recent years Globe Santa has raised over $1 million in private and business donations, which they use to buy gifts for families who request help. These gifts are then delivered by UPS.

However, according to an article in the Globe on Saturday, Dec 20, this year they have raised just over $388,000. And this is in a year when no doubt they are receiving even more requests for help. That's just 38% of what they need. Back in 2000 - those happy days of the tech boom when many were flush - they were able to raise $1.4 million.

I know pennies are being pinched, manicures are being foregone, vacations out West are being canceled, but if you have $5 to spare, perhaps you could donate it to Globe Santa so a kid can be happy this year. It would be a great gift to someone you love, who perhaps has fond memories of Christmas themselves.

And if you're one of those fortunate people who are still able to luxury shop but are hiding your purchases in unmarked bags, consider donating a larger chunk 'o' change and foregoing your Hermes bag.

It's for the kids, man.

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Photos courtesy of the Globe Santa website.

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