Thursday, October 9, 2008

Charitable Giving in 2008 - What's the outlook?

Banks are failing, foreclosures are abundant, we've officially been in a recession for a few months now, we're still at war spending billions... the outlook is not good, especially for people's pockets.

Does that mean, though, that non-profits are in trouble? If my pocket is empty[ier] than before, chances are that I'll be giving away less. In fact, for a lot of people, that might be where the funds are cut first.

Ug. Not what any of us associated with non-profits would like to hear. Who wants to think about kids with cancer who might not have housing because donations are down, or that the banks of the Charles River become even more trash covered since there are no funds to get supplies for volunteer cleaners?

So maybe you can't afford to donate your hard earned cash. That doesn't mean you can't give. Instead, try the following:
  • Donate clothes that no longer fit (no honey, you're not going to fit into those jeans from college)
  • Donate your pet supplies that your pet treats with disdain or perhaps have outgrown since their adorable baby animal years
  • Volunteer with friends for a few hours at your local soup kitchen, with one of OYFP's partners, or with YAVA this Saturday
  • Take the a UNICEF box around with you to collect change when you go trick-or-treating this Halloween (adults can trick or treat too!)
  • Run a coat drive at your workplace
  • Donate blood! Plus you get some yummy snacks afterward.
There are things you can do to help without spending money. People need your help now more than ever!

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