Thursday, June 12, 2008

Food prices are rising - Here's how to keep your dough

Food prices are clearly rising, and people all over the world are going hungry. People in Haiti are even eating yellow mud patties just to put something in their stomach.

Want to know something even more depressing? Americans waste 27% of food ready for consumption.* That means almost a third of food that is fit to be eaten is not actually consumed. This included food thrown away in homes, restaurants, and grocery stores - anywhere food ingredients are up for sale.

98% of this discarded food ends up in landfills - the other 2% I suppose is composted or fed to animals.

A 1997 study by the USDA showed that over 96 billion pounds of the 365 billion pounds of edible food in the USA was thrown out.*

So. You want to make a difference? CLEAN YOUR PLATE. Your momma was right - there are starving children in China. And Haiti. And Darfur. And right in your backyard - the good ole U S of A.

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*According to a recent government story covered in the New York Times.
Photo courtesy of BirdFarm. It is of a market in Managua, Nicaragua.


hannah said...

thanks for this entry, casey. it's so easy for us to forget how lucky we really are when we have the luxury of throwing food out...

it reminds me of how our portions in america are so much bigger than other countries, and it seems as though they really don't need to be.

mama kim would be proud of this entry ;)

Casey said...

I'm sure Mama Kim is busting out all over with pride.. after all, her daughter is getting MARRIED this summer to a nice young Korean gentleman!! Not to mention she's helping "save the children" with OYFP, teaching the children wisdom (or at least some reading and math) every day, AND working for her PhD!

hannah said...

hahaha, you are a nut! which is why we get along so well! :D

bummed you can't be there on saturday, but we'll definitely rock out together on sunday! ;)