Monday, December 29, 2008

2009: The year to be more ....?

'Tis the season for those resolutions (except if you don't believe in them, like John). Traditionally I resolve to floss my teeth on a more regular basis. However ---gasp!--- I've been doing that this year! Well at least for the last three months.

Instead of making concrete resolutions like "I promise to go to the gym or play Wii Boxing 4 times per week," I'm thinking about making mind/attitude change resolutions. The idea is that if I ingrain something like a "be more patient" mantra into my every day routine, that my actions will then reflect that. I'm less of a thinker and more of a feeler, so if this mantra becomes part of my life, perhaps it will impact my actions.

Some research has postulated that changing just one "node" of the emotions that make up an attitude can change the whole attitude. With a different attitude, you're bound to behave differently.

The attitude-altering mantras I'm considering are as follows
  • Be more patient
  • Be kinder
  • Think before acting
  • What would INSERT MENTOR HERE [my grandma Mil] do?
  • Do I really need that?
Do you have any New Year's resolutions?

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