Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Top Five New Year's Resolutions

As cliche as it might be, every year I make New Year's resolutions. According to a recent survey of 1,000 adults by Cigna, apparently I'm not alone - approximately 69% of Americans make resolutions every year.

Not surprisingly, the top five New Year's resolutions are to:
1. Lose weight (28%)
2. Work out more (12%)
3. Quit smoking (11%) (tied)
3. Be more fiscally responsible (11%) (tied)
4. Get a new job (percentage not disclosed)
5. Eat healthier (percentage not disclosed)

Three years ago, I resolved to find an organization with which I could volunteer... and it was harder than I thought to find somewhere I could volunteer while having a full time day job. However, I persisted and found OYFP. Now I'm one of the co-directors! That's commitment to a resolution.

My success at keeping my New Year's resolution was hard fought, and apparently rare:
  • 12% of people surveyed reported not following through at all or giving up in less than a week
  • A total of 43% gave up within six months
Oh, I can relate with failure. I'm far from perfect! Every year, I resolve to floss. It used to be "I will floss every night." Over the years, it has changed to "I will floss four times a week." But sure enough, the evening of January 1 rolled around - my first night for potential success at this flossing resolution - and I didn't floss. My excuse? I was traveling and didn't have any on hand.

What are your resolutions this year? I suggest resolving to attend at least five OYFP events per year. ;-)

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Casey said...

PS. I flossed last night. YES!