Monday, November 24, 2008

Sobriety Checkpoints Keeping Us Safe

After a particularily debaucherous night two summers ago, my boyfriend and I hailed a cab and fell into it, laughing and feeling lucky we got the little yellow car to stop for us. We sat in the back seat recounting the evening's events, when suddenly --BAM-- the car behind us hit our cab! It was odd, since we had been sitting at the light for awhile, as had she. The cabby got out to check for damage, and upon finding none, got back in the car.

Meanwhile, this drive drove swerved around us, went through the red light, and jerkily made her way onto 93N. This woman was Lindsay Lohan drunk, stuff your face with pizza drunk, throw up in a trash can drunk, and she was behind the wheel of a car.

Scary. I mean it. I feel like drunk driving is one of those things you learn you're not supposed to do far before you have your license. All of us have probably driven "on the edge," but blatent drunk driving is like giving, well, giving a drunk person a huge 3,600 pound weapon. Not good.

Why bring this all up now? Well for the first time ever, I drove through a sobriety checkpoint in Boston. I was damn happy to do so, too. After all, it was 1:30 AM on Friday night (slash early Saturday morning), prime time to head home. We even saw one girl who tried to turn around to avoid the checkpoint getting her car towed and probably in a lot of trouble.

It's the holiday season, we'll all be getting a little merry... but don't drink and drive. It's stupid, dangerous, and you will get caught. There's plenty of ways to get home without getting behind the wheel of a car, or you can just couch surf for an evening.

Oh, and yes, I did drink that night, but only a glass of wine and a beer.... four hours prior to when I was driving.

A sobriety checkpoint in Connecticut

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Photo of sign from McBlog97, and of the CT sobriety checkpoint from versageek.

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