Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Holiday Shopping & BYOBag

This Thursday like many other US Americans I will be eating my weight in turkey, cranberry sauce and stuffing. I will inevitably fall into a food coma and wake up on Friday with the energy and stamina needed to shop on Black Friday.

Before I am out the door I will do the mandatory check-list; wallet-yep, game plan to hit the sales-yep, cell phone for emergency calls only-yep, and reusable bag-yep. Wait a second reusable bag? The stores you will be going to have bags so it isn't a requirement for you to bring one, yet it is extremely important for the enviornment that you bring one.

We have written to you before about how important it is to be green and reduce your carbon foot print as much as possible. Bringing your reusable bags for shopping can continue this trend and would reduce the amount of trees needing to be cut for paper bags and reduce the amount of plastic in our landfills.

If mother earth isn't a good enough reason for you to think about bringing your reusable bag. Then consider you won't be a FREE walking add for whatever store you purchased items from. Stores pay big bucks for advertisements on billboards, magazines, & TV adds, yet they don't pay you for walking around with their name brand on your bag, essentially its free marketing for them.

I bring this up because I rarely see people use reusable bags while shopping, with the exception of a grocery store. I bring my reusable bag whenever I am going shopping, even if its just an outing with the girls. It really doesn't take a lot of effort either, just leave your reusable bag by your purse or wallet. Then, before you leave you grab both your reusable bag alongside of your holder of money and you are out the door. Easy right?

Well it is easy to me, but I would be curious why people are reluctant to use reusable bags for other purposes than grocery shopping? Is it a trend that hasn't caught on yet?

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