Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Feeling Thankful - Spread it Around

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. You get to eat a lot and think about why you're thankful. I'm willing to bet we all have something to be thankful for even during these hard economic times.

Some of the things I'm happy about this year:

- I have a good paying job that I like
- I have OYFP!
- I get to have two Thanksgiving dinners, one with my family and one with my boyfriend's family --- mmmmm pie!

If you want to help other people keep some full bellies or perhaps have an empty belly yourself, consider donating to or visiting the following local food banks and food pantries:

- Greater Boston Food Bank, 99 Atkinson Rd, Boston
- Boston Medical Center Food Pantry, 801 Massachusetts Ave, Boston

Or check out's list of pantries and shelters who could use a little assistance this season, and really, all year long.

Happy Turkey Day!

Some of the family and friends I'm grateful for (I'm on the far left)


Kristen said...

i'm very thankful for you too!

but what about noah...!?!

Casey said...

Eh Noah can stuff it. :-P Berkley can take his place, I suppose.

For you others, you can read about Kaz's Thanksgiving volunteer experience over at her blog. OYFP helped her find the opportunity!