Friday, August 8, 2008

What makes you want to Volunteer?

Are you the kind of person that likes to get involved because you volunteered with your family growing up? Are you socially active because it's a great way to get to know your community? Have you been helped out by an organization when times were a little tough and now want to give back to that organization?

If you are a volunteer or have volunteered in the past I give you a round of applause and a mighty shout, WHOO HOO!

Now for those who are not volunteering yet, what makes you want to get involved with an organization? Is it in your face shock tactics, like a recent PETA ad who compares the unfortunate incident of a beheading of a human on a bus to the unfortunate incidents of animal torture? PETA hopes that this ad will motivate people by the horrific imagery in order to stop animal abuse.

Perhaps you are more like one artist's perspective who prefers what (s)he calls the "Gentle Revolution", as seen at OYFP's recent Wine Tasting Event. It's the Gandhi version to recruit people to volunteer.

So which method are you more likely to respond too?

When I first read about the PETA ad I thought it was very distasteful and was very shocked by it. I really love animals, but this ad makes me think less of PETA, so in my opinion it missed its goal on recruiting more people to stop any kind of abuse on animals. But perhaps it's because I am a fan of the "Gentle Revolution" and prefer a less in your face way of recruiting people to volunteer.

So you know now what motivates me, but what about you?

Picture courtesy of OYFP & Casey


Casey said...

I volunteer because Krystle tells me to. :-P

No, I do it because it feels good to give back, and it was what I was taught to do by my family. It seems that's a pretty common theme at OYFP. Perhaps OYFP should try to be a family to others, and teach them how to volunteer...? or the importance of it?

Krystle said...

Well I think out blog serves the purpose of showing people where and how they can volunteer.

Maybe it is something to look into for OYFP being a family for others.

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