Thursday, August 14, 2008

Non-Profit Networking Night a Success!

Thanks to all of you who attended last night's non-profit networking night at Kennedy's Midtown. Hopefully you all learned the power of personal branding - just remember, everywhere you go, and to everyone you meet, you are representing your non-profit.

I will be working with Dan to post a list of online resources in the next day or two, and don't forget to look for his book next year! Though he's in the midst of final edits, he kindly took time out of his busy schedule to share his personal branding knowledge with us, so thanks, Dan!

We will also have photos and a video of the event posted shortly. I don't think they will do our jury-rigged presentation set-up justice, though. A hearty thanks goes out to Greg J, who tried to help us figure out the TV at Kennedy's... a helpful hint to anyone planning an event there - bring your own projector and tape a tablecloth to the wall. It will work far better than anything involving their TV.

And finally, now that Dan has shown you the value of social media for branding, connect with OYFP across all of our social media efforts!
Until our next event (Aug 21 at Globe), we'll see you out there in the wild blue yonder of the interweb.

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Photos courtesy of Ligaya on Yelp.

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