Thursday, June 19, 2008

Boston Non-Profit Networking

Somewhat out of the blue, I was asked to sit on a panel of individuals talking about marketing non-profits, specifically on social media. I suppose OYFP is a good example of the successful use of social media to advance our cause, as we participate in every social network under the sun, but mainly our website, blog, Yelp, Facebook,, and MySpace.

The role I will be playing today is the "influential blogger." The moniker make me laugh, because it's not how I usually think of myself, or this blog. As I said at our recent OYFP meeting, "Yeah, influential to my sister... maybe."

Of course I was joking - we hope that this blog is reaching Bostonites, and inspiring them to make small changes in their lives, or at the very least think about people (and places) other than themselves.

There's a small contingent from OYFP attending the event along with myself, including Krystle, John R, and our dear intern Danielle. We'll post our thoughts on the event afterwards... as long as we make it there through the throngs of ecstatic Celtics fans! And stay tuned for OYFP's own networking and personal branding event later this summer.

That's right, consider yourself INFLUENCED!

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Screenshot from WestGlen PR.


Kristen said...

oh my gosh, you have influenced me SO MUCH through your blog. forget about the fact that you're my sister haha.

Frank said...

I love the way your blogs points Bostonians to fun events where they can make a difference and make some friends! Keep up the great work!