Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Drinking Beer, Doing Good

Did Restaurant Week sneak up on you and you're without reservations for this Thursday? Or perhaps your budget doesn't allow for $30 + booze for a night out. Or even better, you want to do something good for the world.

Word on the street (according to our friend Bostonist) is that the Cambridge Brewing Company is holding a feel-good beer lovin' event on Thursday, August 14 at Flat Top Johnny's, which is next door.

Why is it feel-good? Well, 'cause there's beer. That makes a lot of people feel good.

In addition, however, proceeds from the night are going to benefit the first head brewer at CBC, Darryl Gross, who was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig's disease two years ago. The entire suggested $15 donation will go to pay for medical expenses not covered by insurance.

During the evening, your donation allows you to listen to the live acts The Men, Autumn Circle, and Bunzey Park, there will be a live auction, and a 9 ball tournament. Don't forget to partake in beer and tasty foodstuffs!

Just show up with your $15 and a few friends, and you've got a great Thursday night ahead of you! It's time to Raise a Glass to Darryl Goss in Kendall Square.

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Photos courtesy of Flat Top Johnny's.

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