Friday, July 11, 2008

These are the people in my neighborhood

We here at OYFP are always trying to provide opportunities to get involved and meet other people within your community. I have met many wonderful people and it is in part why I love being a part of OYFP, meeting new people who like me, care for their community.

So how do you meet the people of your community inbetween our fabulous events? My suggestion get a dog!

You may have read some of my dog adventures already and may think that this is another post to point out how awesome my dog is (you're probably right). However I never expected by adopting a dog, how well connected I would become with the people in my neighborhood.

Because I walk Chai everyday it provides countless opportunities to meet new neighbors, especially if they have dogs. I have lived in the 'Ville for over three years and could only name my next door neighbors until I adopted her.
Now as I walk Chai I see many others I know and we chat about what's going on with our lifes, etc. It's nice to see familiar faces when you walk around.

If you do not have the time to own a dog right now or it isn't your thing then you can always meet your neighbors at OYFP events!

Photo Courtesy of moi!

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