Monday, May 19, 2008

BostonCares Corporate Volunteer Day on May 17

Swinging a sledgehammer felt good. Really good.

I wouldn't classify myself as a violent person - high spirited for sure, but far from violent. I didn't expect the sledgehammer to be quite so satisfying. When I woke up at 7:30 AM this past Saturday for BostonCares' Corporate Volunteer Day, I certainly didn't expect to be wielding such heavy hand machinery. Raking mulch, sure. Digging a hole, OK. But demolition? Now that I had no idea about.

Once a year, my employer sponsors a portion of Boston Cares' corporate volunteer day, and a group of dedicated employees shows up on a Saturday morning to complete their assigned project. This year, our project was the demolition of the rotten wooden bleachers at a playing field on the Stony Brook Reservation, hence the sledgehammers, pickaxes, and backhoes. We were part of the Park Serve Day going on across the Massachusetts state parks, and boy oh boy was it fun.

Hats off to BostonCares for organizing the event. OYFP gets frequent requests from local businesses with groups looking to volunteer, but many times non-profits organizations who need the help simply don't have the capacity or time to organize such an event. BostonCares convinces businesses to donate a fair chunk of change to support the project, and the employees of said businesses come out to help.

Perhaps OYFP should consider organizing a similar day for its partners. There certainly is the desire to help, though all too often it's on a limited basis. There is the hope, though, that a positive short term volunteer experience will lead to longer term, committed volunteering.

Let us know what you think - would you participate in a volunteer day event?

The bleachers, pre-demolition

I'm on the left, wielding the sledgehammer. Look out!

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Photos courtesy of co-workers.

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