Tuesday, May 20, 2008

bringing sexy back~

i've never been one for "fashion." in fact, i'd probably be a prime candidate for "what not to wear" since stacy and clinton cringe anytime they hear someone say she dresses for comfort.

well, guess who's a (comfortable) fashionista now?!

apparently, social issues, volunteering, and blogging about social issues and volunteering is the hip new thing. kenneth cole has begun the AWEARNESS blog, which is a blog that "provides daily updates under four socially-aware pillars of discussion: Social Rights, Well-Being, Political Landscape and Hard Times [and] hopes to raise awareness around the issues that fall under these four areas in a dynamic and engaging format."

The blog also features "Q&As, original content from Kenneth Cole himself and contributions from staff members of Kenneth Cole Productions."

you can also contribute to the AWEARNESS fund, which is a not-for-profit established by Kenneth Cole, by purchasing an AWEARNESS t-shirt. the non-profit currently helps fund amfAR, the Foundation for AIDs research, and Help USA, which provides homes, jobs, and services for america's homeless.

so, who knew you could look so good just by bettering the world around you?! what are you waiting for? fashion doesn't get any easier or more comfortable than this!

(of course, if you've met the rest of the oyfp crew, you already knew that caring is sexy!) ;)

after you're done perusing the awearness blog, make sure you scoot on over to the Best of Blogs site and vote for the Volunteer Boston Blog as the Best Hobby Blog.

Images taken from the
Awearness blog and Awearness site.

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