Tuesday, March 4, 2008

BostonNOW shows its true colors

BostonNOW showed its true colors this morning.

Yes, the paper is in color ink, but that's not what I mean. Finally, finally, they included one of our blog posts about one of the hundreds of non-profit events that go on in the Boston area. (Go to page 3 of the March 4 edition, or visit the issue online.)

People in Boston are generous. They organize for others. They give to others. They volunteer. Thank you, BostonNOW, for helping us to make sure the people doing good out there (in this case, the AIDs Action Committee) are getting some publicity. Perhaps we'll even see you at the Taste of the South End event, snapping some photos or putting in some donations...?


Krystle said...

Yeah another posting!

Roger Carr said...

After reading many of your posts, I am confident you will be turning up in the paper and other media outlets more over time. You are providing a great service for Boston. Keep up the great work letting others know about the do-gooders in your area.