Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Words for Sale?

I'm a shopper - but today was the first time I have ever bought a word. Wow. Just saying it makes me feel important. I. Bought. A. Word.

What word did I buy? Well - what do you think? "Volunteer" of course! And it links to this blog. At $1 per letter, "volunteer" didn't come cheap ($9! Cripes!). However, "Boston" was already taken.

OYFP's blog is now part of two Masters students from Northern Ireland's project to allow people to redefine words visually, through their websites. It's an experiment in viral marketing, social marketing, and the power of words. Either that or it's a huge scam to get people to give them money.

Either way, it's interesting. And I'll pay $9 for that.

My Word (Hands off! well, I guess you can click it):

This is the corniest image related to words that I could find.

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Krystle said...

I like the quote from Dan Rather the best!