Thursday, December 6, 2007

Keepin' it Classy

So being on the Bentley campus today has made me think about education. More of it, that is. I've spent this past year learning about my [new] job and industry, but I'm feeling pretty comfortable with it and ready for another outside challenge for this little brain of mine.

The wonderful thing about Boston is its wealth of educational opportunities (geez, now I sound like my mother!). Like those signs on the T used to say, "learn Swahili!" I did take an economics class at Salem State two years ago... though I wouldn't say my brain was stretched by that particular experience. Maybe it's time to learn something new, stretch the ole' noggin.

To Inspire You
A few of the lesser known venues for learning:
Spark Crafts
Mudville Pottery
Salsa Dancing or... Pole Fitness Classes?
German Classes
Capoeira (Brazilian martial arts)

The more well known organizations:
Boston Center for Adult Education
Cambridge Center for Adult Education
UMass Boston

If I could take one class, it would be how to weld. I've always wanted to learn to weld. That way I could, well, weld things.

What do you want to learn?


Kristen said...

i know how to weld now!

i could teach you sometime. it's prettttty schweet.

susan said...

How about standup comedy at the Cambridge Center for Adult Education? It's fun and funny.

Casey- ask your uncle Dave how to weld. He knows how.