Thursday, December 6, 2007

Back to College

Julianne, OYFP's lovely lady of PR, and I spent the afternoon at Bentley college today. Being on a college campus reminded me how fun college was, how social, how the possibilities seemed endless. I wasn't on campus just to be rejuvenated, however.

OYFP-Boston was the subject of a marketing class's final project. A group of four students presented their proposed marketing plan for OYFP, including modifications to the website, a SWOT analysis, press pitch letters, and more. I was quite impressed with our group's professionalism and presenting skills. They had quite a few suggestions, some of which we had thought of, some of which we hadn't.

I think that the real value of participating in the students' project was that we now have a marketing plan in hand. Is it perfect? No. Do we have the resources to implement all the changes they recommended? Not yet. But when is the last time we sat down and wrote 50 pages of suggestions for OYFP's marketing? Oh wait, never. Now we have a compilation of potential action items.

Next steps: prioritizing, and finding the resources to get our website's Content Management Structure (CMS) re-written. Sigh. I'm trying to get rid of the "potluck" resources approach - anyone have someone we should contact regarding our website structure?